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This is a collection of work from my web 2 classes. enjoy! If you ever get lost just tap on the "home' or "Web2" links at the top to return back to the main menus.

About Me

Secret facts about me: I have a BA in Political Science that I quickly found out was useless without a Master's so instead of sinking into more debt I decided to study graphic design which had always been a passion of mine than a career. Now i am getting to turn my passion into a career.

"Piece of art"

Welcome to the united states of me! this is by far my favorite thing i did during winter break.


2d Transformations
3d Transformations
Keyframe Animation


Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

the worst animated sites

Blinkee (what even is this site)
Literally self titled the worst website ever
there is no way this is actually a yale website