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For this project we are to create a To-Do list that enables a group of users to sign up/create their own account and then add tasks that they can see and mark as complete while not being able to see other users' tasks

To Do List

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How do I remember dates & deadlines?

I remember tasks, dates, and deadlines primarily by using Google Calendar since it is easily accessible and can be logged into from just about every device known to man at this point from phones to tablets to computers and even cars. Because of this just about every aspect of my life that needs planning gets done through Google Calendar. This includes work schedules, school schedules and due dates for work and other projects along with family events and other important dates.

Other task apps

Apple Reminder App

Apple's Reminder app is the most basic of todo lists as it comes preinstalled on all iphones and ipads that ship with iOS15+ which equates to every single apple product currently on the market. This means that people who use the Apple ecosystem have access to this app by default and are therefore more likely to use it to be organized.

Overall the apps use Apple's patented minimalist design and clean interface to make using the apps simple for anyone to pick up and use without much of a learning curve.

Apple Reminders app


Monday is a powerful app that takes creating todo lists to the absolute max. This app allows collaborative todo lists and tasks that might be done in a business environment but is equally suited for the average consumer as well.

Monday makes use of distinct colors in its creation of different tasks in order for the user to clearly see what type of task they have to do and who is supposed to be doing it and when it has to be completed. Animations are kept to a minimum and typography is also expertly chosen to be easy to read at a glance.

Monday site


Clickup is primarily designed as a business use to do list and task management app that can also be used for free by individual users. The interface is clean and designed to make collaborating on tasks as easy and painless as possible with each part of a larger project being divided up being completed or in progress. This allows project leads to see how far along individuals are and assign other tasks quickly if someone is ahead of schedule.

Clickup site


Table layouts and SQL Documentation
Wireframes for App
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